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Food and Health

Access to safe and healthy food is essential to ensuring the public’s health. APHA supports initiatives to improve food safety, increase access to nutritious foods and create a sustainable food system.

APHA supports national efforts that call for greater controls and oversight to improve food safety and is a member of the Make Our Food Safe Coalition. In addition, APHA recognizes the need to build greater capacity at all levels to monitor, detect and prevent food-borne illnesses and has developed materials outlining its recommendations on how to improve the food safety system:

The public’s health depends on food that is not only safe but nutritious. APHA supports policies to increase access to healthy foods, especially within communities of greatest need, as well as policies that encourage more sustainable methods of food production. APHA works with partners and through coalitions to improve the food system. Association policies and resources supporting a healthy food system include:

APHA is also a member of the Healthy Farms, Healthy People Coalition, which works to create a healthy food system.