Environmental Health
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Advancing the Field

APHA works to help advance the field of environmental health and address crucial issues facing the workforce, such as dwindling professionals, lack of resources, increasing responsibilities and limited visibility.

Despite the importance of environmental health work in protecting the public’s health, this work often falls under the radar of public awareness and is still not well understood by the public. To promote and sustain their work, environmental health professionals need to engage in a meaningful and robust conversation with those they serve. APHA has partnered with the FrameWorks Institute to develop and improve communications capacities for the field.

The APHA Environment Section sponsored the development of a short video, "Environment, Health, You," celebrating accomplishments and highlighting future challenges for environmental health.

APHA is helping to put a face on environmental public health and to tell the story of these amazing professionals through StoryCorps, an oral history project.  Listen to StoryCorps Interviews with APHA members talking about environmental public health.

APHA spearheads efforts to bring together environmental and public health organizations to increase collaboration, leverage resources and raise the visibility of the field of environmental health through the National Environmental Health Partnership Council.

APHA supports and connects partners to the National Tribal Environmental Health Think Tank, a work group composed of 14 tribal professionals with diverse backgrounds in environmental public health. The Think Tank, originally established by the Office of Tribal Affairs in the National Center for Environmental Health and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, is now convened by CDC’s Tribal Support Unit in the Office for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support (OSTLTS). As the think tank progresses, members will work together to create a foundation for future Tribal partnerships and collaborations. This short video, "Sacredness of Place", highlights important environmental public health issues confronting tribal communities and offers actionable recommendations for NCEH/ATSDR leadership to improve environmental conditions and health outcomes.