Environmental Health
Everyone. Everywhere. Every Day.

About APHA

APHA works to make connections between healthy communities and healthy people.

Chemical Exposure & Prevention

APHA supports national efforts to monitor, reduce and prevent chemical exposures in every community, especially those struggling with disparities.

  Environmental Public Health Tracking  

Built Environment

Built environment refers to the man-made surroundings that provide the settings for human activity.


Climate and Health

APHA is concerned with the public health implications of climate change from effects on drinking water supplies to changes in vector-borne diseases to extreme weather events.

Food and Health

APHA supports initiatives at the national and community levels to improve food safety, increase access to nutritious foods and create a sustainable food system.

Advancing the Field

APHA works to help address the crucial issues facing the environmental public health workforce. These concerns include dwindling numbers of public health professionals, lack of resources and increasing responsibilities.